Boogie Rose’s Approach to Legislating & Governance

In a real democracy, residents determine solutions and priorities for their representative to translate into effective policy– not representatives telling the people what they will do. Through Boogie’s work as an activist and a teacher, she’s seen first hand how the people really are the “experts” when it comes to holistic solutions to persistent problems. The issue is people are not being listened to; those with money are. Here’s how Boogie will return the power to the people:

    • As a starting point for the campaign platform, Boogie’s has synthesized her lived experience, what she’s heard from residents and community organizations in District 2, and the policy solutions generated by the Alliance for A Just Philadelphia in the People’s Platform. Boogie takes direction from the Alliance as an example of diverse community organizations who apply their on-the-ground experience to evaluate the city’s current policies and propose solutions that restore health, safety, and wellbeing for all Philadelphians.
    • To further develop the platform during her campaign, Boogie will work with District 2 community organizations to hold Town Hall Meetings across South and Southwest Philly in order to listen to the problems and possible solutions constituents are experiencing as most critical. You can also share your experience directly to Boogie Rose’s Campaign through this form.
    • When in office, Boogie would have a comprehensive “Constituent Services” that not only connects residents with critical resources, but also stays in active communication with constituents about priorities and updates on legislation. Ideas for this comprehensive Constituent Services include: 
      1. Holding public Town Hall meetings every quarter to provide District 2 residents a forum where residents can be heard about ongoing issues and where Boogie’s team can report on progress of policies priorities residents have been clear about
      2. Forming a Community Organization Advisory Council organized around different issues so community organizations on-the-ground have a reliable channel of communication with the District Councilperson to inform legislation
      3. Creating multiple methods for constituents to register priorities, like the form in this platform, polling on issues, and social media channels
      4. Any petition or other method that District 2 residents have organized their voices will receive a direct response from Boogie’s office. The days of residents being proactive and voicing their interests only to be met with silence or opposing action must be over! That is not democracy.
      5. Investing ongoing resources towards supporting District 2 residents to develop their skills & knowledge of civic advocacy (for example: workshops covering topics like the City Budget, How to Testify to City Council, Policymaking, & more).