Living Policy Platform for District 2

In a real democracy, residents determine solutions and priorities for their representative to translate into effective policy– not representatives telling the people what they are doing (or not telling them).

Housing & Land

It’s clear as day that housing and land are critically pressing issues in District 2. Many long-term residents are feeling powerless and overwhelmed by soaring rental costs and property taxes, constant predatory calls to buy their homes, and nonstop construction that’s transforming historical places within District 2 overnight. It IS possible to welcome new residents and businesses while supporting long-term residents to stabilize and flourish. Boogie Rose would work to:

    • Prioritize city land and money for permanently affordable developments – both new developments and preserving existing affordable housing, including the subsidized housing within District 2 who’s HUD contracts will be expiring in the next 5 years
    • Expand funding for housing first opportunities for persons experiencing homelessness 
    • Prioritize Black and Brown working class residents over predatory landlords and developers by:
      • Enacting rent control for residential and commercial renters
      • Strengthen Just Cause Eviction legislation
      • Make the Eviction Diversion program permanent
    • Invest in home repair, weatherization, and housing efficiency programs and remove barriers to those programs so long-term and low-income homeowners can afford to stay in their neighborhoods, preserve generational wealth, and enjoy healthy, safe homes
    • Create a line item in the city budget for Urban Agriculture to fund neighborhood driven food hubs, gardens,  green spaces, and programming
    • Reform or replace the Land Bank to make it more possible for community groups to take ownership of vacant lots, green spaces, and homes


Boogie and her community uses nature as a therapeutic resource. We can address our trauma head on. Environmental racism at the oil former refinery site is the literal and metaphorical heart of District 2. We should fully fund Parks and Recreation as an anti-violence prevention strategy. The community has shouted loud and clear that we have a “Right to Breathe,” and a representative of District 2 should take all action to defend that right. Boogie Rose would work to:

    • Expand funding for “Built to Last” and related programs to provide home repairs, weatherization, fossil-free heating, cooling, and solar panels for low and moderate income Philadelphians, along with green workforce development. 
    • Enact legislative accountability measures to hold Hilco accountable for negotiating a Community Benefits Agreement and executing a plan for green development on Hilco/ PES Refinery site prohibiting any fossil fuel infrastructure being built on the redeveloped land. All construction should use modern green technology. 
    • Require PGW to produce budgets and business plans that match the City’s climate goal for rapidly phasing out fossil fuels, with transparent processes that allow full public participation, while guaranteeing that all Philadelphians can afford the energy they need and creating good union jobs.
    • Pass, Enact and fund the Community Health Act, introduced by Councilmember Helen Gym
    • Enact policies and initiatives to end dumping in our neighborhoods forever and ensure prompt and efficient Citywide waste collection for ALL residents to achieve zero waste, ending the need for incineration or landfills by 2035.
    • Reform or replace the Land Bank to make it more possible for community groups to take ownership of vacant lots, green spaces, and homes


Boogie has a lifetime of experience with the public school system of Philadelphia. She understands the importance of community leadership at the School Board level. Every student has the right to a personalized and equitable education. A fair funding formula can begin our shift in fully funding the needs of our future. Universal Pre-K supports our community. A lack of Political and civic education strips the agency of young people and all Philadelphians by keeping us locked out of our current political system. When we open more doors of classrooms, we can close more prison cells. Boogie Rose would work to:

    • Earmark School District funding to immediately clean up toxic schools & ensure that all schools become healthy, safe, and fossil free
    • Earmark School District funding for recruitment and retention of staff of color
    • Support the establishment and continued expansion of Sanctuary Schools policy for newcomer and/or immigrant youth and families
    • Generate revenue for schools by taxing the rich

Public Services and Public safety

  • Boogie has personal experience and heard her neighbors say it is important to provide a safe haven for latchkey kids, homeless neighbors, and all in support of access to information and nature. Public safety is more than just the Philadelphia Police Department, it is all of us being equipped with knowledge and understanding to influence public safety through prevention and not just response.  Full and equitable funding for libraries, parks and rec centers, and community organizations to provide adequate staffing in promoting trauma-informed supports and programming (and other evidence-based and place-based interventions). Boogie Rose would work to:
          • Increase funding to the Free Library of Philadelphia by an increase of $15M each year to ensure full staffing, access to safe buildings, robust programs and services, and 6 day a week hours and access to library services for all Philadelphians. 
          • Increase funding to Parks and Recreation Centers by $55 million or  to ensure at least two full-time staff members at every recreation center
          • Fully fund city pools other community institutions to pre-2008 financial crisis levels 

Economic Justice

  • Boogie is learning more about the way racism and white supremacy are impacting District 2. There are so many examples when it comes to the financial and governmental support big corporations and developers receive while the everyday Philadelphian struggles to get by. Philadelphia is enjoying a massive economic boom because of policies that have supported big business, and it’s time to make sure every worker, small business, and young person has that kind of support so that everyone can thrive in our city. Boogie Rose would work to:
      • Pass the Philly Wealth Tax introduced by Councilmember Kendra Brooks
      • End tax giveaways to Big Corporations and the ultrarich (e.g. like cutting the Business Income and Revenue Tax)
      • Repeal the 10-year tax abatement for luxury housing
      • Fully fund and make permanent the Office of Workforce Development to provide training for family-sustaining jobs
      • Support workers fighting to unionize and win a fair contract. Labor unions promote the quality of life of our neighborhood and should be celebrated and supported. The best labor unions are bottom-up community led organizations. 
      • Pass legislation to create enhanced protections for workers experiencing retaliation, backlash, and other adverse actions when they advocate for their labor rights protected by the law. This includes increased penalties on abusive employers and mandates action from the Office of Worker Protections  
      • Fully fund Office of Worker Protections  to enforce pro-worker ordinances and also enforce minority participation rules and regulations
      • Amend existing business support programs to include and incentivize worker coops
      • Invest in training and paid internships for disconnected youth, specifically 18-25 years old, to enter the job market and gain soft and technical skills that industries demand

Community Care

  • Boogie’s love for all living beings shows through in her personality and will motivate her as a City Councilmember. Community is what supports us through acts of violence, global pandemics, hard financial times, and more. Unfortunately, too many are extremely vulnerable under the current system that prioritizes profit over the living and that must be corrected immediately. Boogie Rose would work to:
      • Protection against Incest and Rape: The City must investigate questionable DHS practices such as removing children with false documents, arriving at a house with police to remove a child, and placing children with known abuser foster parents. We need robust funding for foster agencies, as no child is disposable.
      • Animal Rights: The city should fully fund no-kill animal shelters and promote evidence-based solutions to protect our pets and animals of the city.  
      • LGBTQ+ Protections: As a queer woman, Boogie understands the need to protect not just access to marriage, but access to healthcare, education, housing, adoption, insurance, mental health services, and the multifactorial needs of a LGBTQ+ population that has intersectional barriers. Protection of LGBTQ+ lives must become a priority.
      • Elder care and health access: It is important for our seniors (and all Philadelphians) to have a housing-first strategy of health that promotes independence and quality of life through equitable access to healthcare services, primary care, our Health Centers, transportation, medications, and complementary and alternative medicines. This includes appropriate funding of Philadelphia Corporation for Aging and other community based organizations to protect our most vulnerable.